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Consumer Bill of Rights

    1. You have the right to a car-buying experience that’s free of game-playing, delays, misrepresentation and other forms of cruel and unusual punishment.

    2. You have the right to keep and bear True Market Value (TMV®) pricing, reviews, True Cost to Own®, http://www.edmunds.com/price-promise.html and other information to help you make a good deal.

    3. You have the right to change your salesperson if you don’t feel you are being treated right, or even if you just don’t think you are on the same page.

    4. You have the right to avoid search and seizure of your credit report and other personal information.

    5. You have the right to remain silent when asked, “What do you want your monthly payment to be?”

    6. When you make an opening offer to buy a car at a discounted price, you have the right to a speedy answer without hearing this phrase: “I’ll have to run this by my manager.”

    7. You have the right to take possession of your car quickly, without long delays in the delivery process.

    8. You have the right to buy a car without the imposition of excessive fees. And in all cases, you shall not be required to buy add-ons that you don’t want.

    9. You have the right to get the full value of your trade-in vehicle.

    10. You absolutely have the right to “think it over” or talk to your significant other about the deal on the table without being insulted, pressured or belittled.

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